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    October 5th, 2012SusanUncategorized

    Online dating has come a long way in recent years, but the best online dating tips ever is one that is the result of a precautionary tale: keep your psycho meter running. Sure, we’ve all heard the tales and seen the Lifetime original movies about meeting someone online who turns out to be a psycho. In these movies, the movie generally ends with the protagonist lying there in a pool of their own blood, knife through the heart, wishing he had read this article. So how can you keep your psycho meter running when meeting people online (or hey, just meeting people in general)?

    There are some definite red flags that the person you are talking to online might be an escaped lunatic from the Institute for the Criminally Insane.  Look for these signs that you need to run the other way, fast (and possibly change your identity if you’ve shared too much info):

    –          He/she messages and texts you constantly, or worse, calls you, constantly. There is a reason that safety experts warn us not to share our phone numbers and addresses with strangers, no matter how harmless they appear. Using either (address or phone number), the possible psycho can get either your address or phone number, find out where you live, and possibly drop by to say hello.

    –          They are planning your future together, after the first date. This is a bit awkward and scary.

    –          They get jealous of you talking to other people online. This is odd enough from a person who you are dating in the real world. In cyber space, it is just plain nuts.

    –          They ‘like’ all of your photos online and set their FaceBook relationship status to being in a relationship – with you. They also tag you in all of their photos, even the ones that they upload of their dog.

    –          They start asking you about wedding dresses, baby names, and so forth, before you have even met in person. They have a ten year plan, and you are part of it.

    –          They refer to themselves in the third person. For example, when you ask them how they are they say “Ed is doing good. He wants to come over”. Okay, so you already knew that this one was an indicator of craziness. We just threw it in to make you laugh!

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