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    Rating Your Dating While Waiting for Mating is a book about how to make your relationships more fulfilling and right with God. This book is primarily aimed at young, single people who have questions concerning the contradictions between what they hear their pastors say on Sundays, and what they see and hear in the mainstream media the rest of the week. Ed Young presents a clear, simple way to have great relationships while still being pure in the eyes of God.

    All around us we see and hear messages advocating lifestyles that seem incongruous with scripture. It is subtly implied that in order to be happy, one must choose between a life of sexual freedom that we are taught only leads us to destruction, or to trap oneself in a relationship we do not want to be in. Ed Young says in Dating While Waiting for Mating that you do not have to make that choice. Relationships are the foundation of happiness. The quality of your relationships with your friends, with someone special, and with God determines is directly related to the quality of your life. This book explains how to maintain your relationships with God and with that special someone.

    Dating While Mating is very accessible for young adult readers. Often at this age, we find ourselves at a crossroads while we are single. With so much pressure to be sexually active and to “test drive” potential partners before we commit, Ed Young creates a manual to happy committed relationships that lead to lifelong happiness. Ed Young focuses on four critical dating issues facing young adults today: Moving from Fanciful Rhyme to Biblical Reason, Fixing the Flaws of Defective Dating, Reading and Heeding the Relational Warning Signs, and Maintaining Purity in the Midst of Passion. All of these chapters attempt to provide young single adults a pathway to the kind of healthy relationships everyone craves.

    The first chapter grounds the dangers of dating around in Scripture, and tells you how to date and still do right by God. The second chapter explains ways to steer clear of common dating mistakes. Heeding the relational warning signs shows the most common relationship problems and what to look for when dealing with them. The final chapter tells you how to handle that moment when passion seems to overwhelm you. This is a common problem for young singles today. When you find that special person in your life, how do you remain pure and maintain a healthy relationship?

    Ed Young writes honestly and clearly in this book. It is a genuine look at young adult relationships today in the digital age. Whether you are single or already in a committed relationship, this book will help you understand the basics of how to support yourself spiritually while maintaining healthy relationships for your whole life. Ed Young writes in a surprisingly candid tone that does not shy away from reality and advocates happiness as the end goal of any relationship. You can use it as a faithful guide to get you through the crossroads of your life. Too often we lost sight of what is truly important in our lives when we reach these critical crossroads. Dating While Waiting will help you navigate these times.

    Dating While Waiting is an easily accessible quick read for young adults trying to get through the single life. Ed Young does not mince words or waste time. His clear, concise style gives you the guidance you need without unneeded filler. Too many books similar to Dating While Waiting are wordy and seen as too preachy to reach a wide believing audience, but Ed Young’s book is a different guide that is aimed with uncommon frankness to the young generation.