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    An insecure girlfriend can be a symptom of many root problems. To keep your relationship healthy you need to identify the source of the problem first. Once you’ve pinpointed the origin, you can evaluate the extent of the issue and choose an appropriate resolution. We’ve identified three potential root problems that lead to an insecure girlfriend and subsequent ways in which you can deal with each situation.

    She’s an Insecure Person

    There are many forms of insecurity, but if it starts to feel like it’s flooding into every aspect of the relationship, it becomes a potential deal-breaker. The adage about loving yourself before you can be loved is true. Her insecurities need to be dealt with on a personal level before she can be a good partner in a relationship. Before you scramble to purchase chocolates and red roses to boost her confidence, take a step back. If you stay in a relationship while she works on this problem, know that if she’s successful she will be changing and growing as a person. Ask Men labels this sort of woman as the sort whose sole mission in life if to prove all men are pigs.  That person may or may not be someone you can have a good relationship with,

    Lack of Communication

    Many relationship problems occur when communication is vague or non-existent. If you think your girlfriend is acting insecure, think about what the two of you have identified as parameters or ground rules for your relationship. Perhaps you haven’t established good boundaries or expectations. “Live Bold and Bloom” asserts that personal communication and setting boundaries can make or break a relationship. Maybe her insecurities are a result of unanswered questions. Guys and girls alike want to be wanted. If she’s unsure how you feel about her or how to evaluate your feelings, a simple conversation can make a big impact. Find a comfortable place where the two of you won’t be interrupted and gently address your concerns. Be prepared to answer some potentially difficult questions.

    Is it You?

    If the concerns above don’t ring a bell, take a look in the mirror. Is your behavior sending mixed messages to your girl? If you don’t make an effort to greet her with care and enthusiasm when she comes to visit, you might be subconsciously suggesting that you don’t care about seeing her. According to “Complete Self Improvement,” starting your time together off on the wrong foot is a major cause for concern from a lady’s perspective. Every time you interact with her, take a moment to gauge her mood, show you care, and never assume anything. She may have had a terrible day and need a shoulder to cry on, but if you are callous and assume everything is okay, steering her immediately into a group interaction- it could cause significant strain on your relationship.

    Imagine you’ve taken a trip to Las Vegas for a guys’ weekend and didn’t communicate much with her, if at all. If you come back and act overly solicitous, perhaps giving her flowers or taking her to dinner, glossing over the details of your trip, it shows her you have something to hide and gives her reason to worry. It boils down to honesty being the best policy. Be forthright and thoughtful and you’ll know if the relationship has potential or if you’re really a poor match. Either way, you’ll be confident you’re moving in the right direction.