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    If you are looking to date someone of Indian descent, you should be aware that there are a number of differences between American culture and Indian culture. Online dating sites that allow Americans and Indians to meet up and hook up are growing in number. It is important to know some of these differences in order to make use of online dating tips for finding an Indian date.

    In America, more and more people are using dating services and online sites to find a date, and it is becoming normal for the two to meet at a public location instead of the guy picking up the girl at her house. However, in Indian culture, females and males that do not know each other generally do not have any interactions with one another. When the couple dates, they already know each other because the date is arranged by their parents. Casual dating is less accepted. Around four out of five Indian marriages are arranged. In the arranged marriage situation, the couple may not date until their parents have arranged the marriage.

    By contrast, in America, it is not unusual for a guy or a girl to date several people at one time without making any commitments to any of the people they are currently seeing. Dating is seen as a social outlet as well as a way to eventually locate a mate to spend their lives with. Some people plan to never marry but instead want to stay single forever. Women can ask men out. In Indian culture, monogamy is normal with most couples, and many people date only one person for their entire life. U.S. men and women tend to be more promiscuous, and divorce rates are high. In India, promiscuity is taboo and sex is reserved for the institution of marriage.

    Because of these differences, Indian themed dating sites are more geared towards marriage than dating. In other words, one of the top online dating tips when considering online dating sites like this is simple. Unless you are serious about settling down, these sites may not be for you.

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