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    Some guys like red heads. Some women love chubby guys. We all have our likes and dislikes and it is not unusual for men and women to prefer to date someone out of their own ethnicity. Many men, for example, are attracted to Asian women. In fact, some men will only date Asian women. For this reason, there are a number of popular Asian dating sites online where Asian women (and men) post their profiles in hopes of finding a potential date or even a potential mate.

    Attracting an Asian girl or guy may be easier than keeping them attracted to you. Their culture is a bit different from ours, and this can necessitate you changing your approach to dating when you meet an Asian woman. Once you get an Asian woman to consider you (by going out on a date with you), then you should keep these online dating tips in mind:

    –          Treat her like a queen. Open doors for her, pay for dinner, and scoot her chair in for her when dining.

    –          Always be respectful of Asian culture, and don’t refer to her as being an Asian person. She is a human like you, not a fantasy girl out of a porno film!

    –          Make decisions for her. She will look for you to lead the date. Don’t ask her to choose what you will do, tell her what you have planned. Of course, be nice about it.

    –          Don’t be late to pick her up. This is a major turn-off and pet peave of most women, including Asian women.

    –          Avoid taboo subjects or vulgarity.

    –          Get to know her, and ask questions about her that show you are interested. Don’t talk about yourself a lot, but answer questions if asked.

    –          End the night with a kiss on the hand or cheek. Kissing in public is a big no-no in Asian culture.

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