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    Marriage seems to be devolving into a decreasingly sacred institution. Infidelity statistics are staggering in duplicity. According to, 74 percent of men and 68 percent of women said they’d have an affair if they knew they would never be caught. 41 percent of one or both spouses admit to physical or emotional infidelity.

    “You revolve your life around the kids and you put romance on the back burner and then you throw in an attractive person and there you have it,” Pastor Ed Young has explained.

    It’s often this set of circumstances that are conducive to infidelity. So what are the motives that compel married couples to cheat?
    Platonic Affair
    Mostly, sex is the inherent factor in affairs but not always. An emotional affair can be just as destructive without sexual intimacy. Perhaps, couples can feel a loss of personal connection that drives them to spend more time with someone else. It’s an affair of the mind — not quite a romance, but more than a friendship.
    Lustful Affair
    The thrill of secrecy and the novelty of a new partner is the most common basis of affairs. The magnetic pull toward an attractive potential mate can feel nearly impossible to resist. Maybe the spouse has lost attraction toward their significant other or the partner won’t reciprocate sexually. An affair created by insatiable lust is highly exciting at first but is quick to deplete and end.
    Vengeful Affair
    Initiators of this type of affair often seek partners when feeling like a victim in a hopelessly unhappy marriage. The cheater feels ignored or unimportant and is thereby angry and vindictive — these are reasons used to justify dishonest actions. The vengeful affair is a tool used by passive-aggressive types. The spouse takes surreptitious revenge because he or she feels cornered and helpless to improve the marriage. Cheating feels like an easier fix than working to mend the broken relationship.
    Illusive Affair
    Spouses have affairs for a multitude of reasons, and sometimes these reasons conflict between partners. One partner who is seriously committed to the relationship intends to abandon his or her present spouse. This partner expects the same in return, but in reality, the other partner never intended to leave the marriage.
    Why Do Spouses Cheat?
    Insecurity – An insecure person will seek others in order to boost plummeting self-esteem. The spouse doubts their usefulness, attractiveness or success and tries to gain confidence from others.
    Unhappiness – The spark in the marriage has died and unfulfilled needs often end in infidelity. This unhappiness can often be mitigated or abolished with open and honest communication. Writer and Pastor, Ed Young believes that sex is a form of spirituality between married couples and should be practiced regularly in order to retain happiness in each other’s lives.

    Addiction – Someone with a sexual addiction may seek coitus whenever there is an opportunity. Sexual fantasy and urges will spiral out of control. This motive is often implemented in order to fill emotional emptiness.