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    Marriage seems to be devolving into a decreasingly sacred institution. Infidelity statistics are staggering in duplicity. According to, 74 percent of men and 68 percent of women said they’d have an affair if they knew they would never be caught. 41 percent of one or both spouses admit to physical or emotional infidelity.

    “You revolve your life around the kids and you put romance on the back burner and then you throw in an attractive person and there you have it,” Pastor Ed Young has explained.

    It’s often this set of circumstances that are conducive to infidelity. So what are the motives that compel married couples to cheat?
    Platonic Affair
    Mostly, sex is the inherent factor in affairs but not always. An emotional affair can be just as destructive without sexual intimacy. Perhaps, couples can feel a loss of personal connection that drives them to spend more time with someone else. It’s an affair of the mind — not quite a romance, but more than a friendship.
    Lustful Affair
    The thrill of secrecy and the novelty of a new partner is the most common basis of affairs. The magnetic pull toward an attractive potential mate can feel nearly impossible to resist. Maybe the spouse has lost attraction toward their significant other or the partner won’t reciprocate sexually. An affair created by insatiable lust is highly exciting at first but is quick to deplete and end.
    Vengeful Affair
    Initiators of this type of affair often seek partners when feeling like a victim in a hopelessly unhappy marriage. The cheater feels ignored or unimportant and is thereby angry and vindictive — these are reasons used to justify dishonest actions. The vengeful affair is a tool used by passive-aggressive types. The spouse takes surreptitious revenge because he or she feels cornered and helpless to improve the marriage. Cheating feels like an easier fix than working to mend the broken relationship.
    Illusive Affair
    Spouses have affairs for a multitude of reasons, and sometimes these reasons conflict between partners. One partner who is seriously committed to the relationship intends to abandon his or her present spouse. This partner expects the same in return, but in reality, the other partner never intended to leave the marriage.
    Why Do Spouses Cheat?
    Insecurity – An insecure person will seek others in order to boost plummeting self-esteem. The spouse doubts their usefulness, attractiveness or success and tries to gain confidence from others.
    Unhappiness – The spark in the marriage has died and unfulfilled needs often end in infidelity. This unhappiness can often be mitigated or abolished with open and honest communication. Writer and Pastor, Ed Young believes that sex is a form of spirituality between married couples and should be practiced regularly in order to retain happiness in each other’s lives.

    Addiction – Someone with a sexual addiction may seek coitus whenever there is an opportunity. Sexual fantasy and urges will spiral out of control. This motive is often implemented in order to fill emotional emptiness.

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    Heterosexual people have been able to look for compatible lovers and romantic interests using the full range of social tools available since long before the online dating scene developed into the most popular forum for finding dates. The gay community was a far less mainstream demographic but also benefited from a more tightly-knit set of social organizations with a shared voice on issues of importance. Unfortunately bisexual individuals have been much more isolated – unable to fit fully in the mainstream heterosexual community or the more narrowly defined gay community. Finally, with the growth of online dating, Bisexual Women are able to browse freely at the profiles of anyone of interest regardless of gender and with the complete local anonymity to keep things private until they voluntarily choose to make their romantic interests more public.

    “We have surveyed our members and found that sexuality tends to be more of a sliding scale than a binary decision for most women” said Tara Zygler of “While our site is focused on helping women find other women for romance and more, that doesn’t mean every visitor is a ‘full time’ lesbian with no outside interests. Many of our members are bisexual women who enjoy the ability to meet new exciting people with more regard for the quality of the person than which gender they happen to have.”

    Thanks in large part to the robust interface options offered by premium bisexual dating sites, visitors can sift and sort through thousands of picture profiles in a fun and easy way. This also allows anyone interested in keeping their bisexual tendencies private to look beyond their own local area in search of same sex love interests who have no direct connection to their offline personal life presently. “Overcoming the anxiety that someone might ‘find out’ about you” is a key factor in joy and enthusiasm so many women share for online dating according to Ms. Zygler, and the recent acceptance of political hot button issues like gay marriage have only served to foster even greater excitement among bisexual women looking for love online. “It really is a great time to be a woman, bisexual or otherwise, because the online dating experience is evolving to the point where entire communities of wonderful women are there to help you find whoever you are looking for right now.

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    Lesbian Dating Tip #1 – Niche Community Lesbian Dating Sites Are The Best

    Ever since online dating became immensely popular, back in the days when AOL chat rooms were all the rage, people have been looking for love online with a constantly evolving set of tools aimed at helping soul mates connect in the easiest way possible. One of the biggest steps forward in that regard has been the move toward ‘niche’ dating sites focused on the desires of a particular demographic. Whether that be dating sites with specific religious community involvement, sites aimed at a specific region or profession… or more recently sites that feature a carefully crafted community based on gender and sexual preference. For the longest time, lesbian dating enthusiasts were left to deal with unwanted hecklers in general dating forums, but now that has changed completely as more women are finding their way to exciting dating platforms intended for their enjoyment in every way.

    “The most common feedback we get from our members and visitors is a sense of belonging that everyone gets from being part of a community with the same shared outlook on lesbian dating” said Patty White of “The simple fact that all of our members are lesbian ladies immediately overcomes the kinds of awkward challenges that lesbian or bi-curious women usually face on other dating sites overrun by male imposters, forum trolls and other internet bottom-feeders. Once women find their way to Girlfriends Meet, all their time and attention is directed to finding the right date rather than filtering out the unwanted advances of unqualified profiles. It works so well because the lovely women in our community make it work.”

    Lesbian Dating Tip #2 – Be Yourself Rather Than Trying To Be Something You Are Not

    Many women get so excited by the possibility of finding love online that they lose sight of the basic common sense factors that make them so much fun offline. Browsing thousands of exciting profiles leads some first time lesbian dating site visitors to ‘fluff up’ their profiles with facts that aren’t exactly true in the false hope of seeming to somehow be better than they already are naturally.

    “It probably seems like a good idea at first” said Ms. White “but the fact is that eventually everyone shows their true colors and honesty always wins out. There are exciting aspects of every person looking for love and what really matters most is finding a true match for your specific blend of skills, likes, dislikes and beliefs. At the end of the day you don’t want someone who wants you for what you aren’t – you want someone who is infatuated with you actually are, and that can only happen if you are open and accurate about yourself from the start

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    An insecure girlfriend can be a symptom of many root problems. To keep your relationship healthy you need to identify the source of the problem first. Once you’ve pinpointed the origin, you can evaluate the extent of the issue and choose an appropriate resolution. We’ve identified three potential root problems that lead to an insecure girlfriend and subsequent ways in which you can deal with each situation.

    She’s an Insecure Person

    There are many forms of insecurity, but if it starts to feel like it’s flooding into every aspect of the relationship, it becomes a potential deal-breaker. The adage about loving yourself before you can be loved is true. Her insecurities need to be dealt with on a personal level before she can be a good partner in a relationship. Before you scramble to purchase chocolates and red roses to boost her confidence, take a step back. If you stay in a relationship while she works on this problem, know that if she’s successful she will be changing and growing as a person. Ask Men labels this sort of woman as the sort whose sole mission in life if to prove all men are pigs.  That person may or may not be someone you can have a good relationship with,

    Lack of Communication

    Many relationship problems occur when communication is vague or non-existent. If you think your girlfriend is acting insecure, think about what the two of you have identified as parameters or ground rules for your relationship. Perhaps you haven’t established good boundaries or expectations. “Live Bold and Bloom” asserts that personal communication and setting boundaries can make or break a relationship. Maybe her insecurities are a result of unanswered questions. Guys and girls alike want to be wanted. If she’s unsure how you feel about her or how to evaluate your feelings, a simple conversation can make a big impact. Find a comfortable place where the two of you won’t be interrupted and gently address your concerns. Be prepared to answer some potentially difficult questions.

    Is it You?

    If the concerns above don’t ring a bell, take a look in the mirror. Is your behavior sending mixed messages to your girl? If you don’t make an effort to greet her with care and enthusiasm when she comes to visit, you might be subconsciously suggesting that you don’t care about seeing her. According to “Complete Self Improvement,” starting your time together off on the wrong foot is a major cause for concern from a lady’s perspective. Every time you interact with her, take a moment to gauge her mood, show you care, and never assume anything. She may have had a terrible day and need a shoulder to cry on, but if you are callous and assume everything is okay, steering her immediately into a group interaction- it could cause significant strain on your relationship.

    Imagine you’ve taken a trip to Las Vegas for a guys’ weekend and didn’t communicate much with her, if at all. If you come back and act overly solicitous, perhaps giving her flowers or taking her to dinner, glossing over the details of your trip, it shows her you have something to hide and gives her reason to worry. It boils down to honesty being the best policy. Be forthright and thoughtful and you’ll know if the relationship has potential or if you’re really a poor match. Either way, you’ll be confident you’re moving in the right direction.

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    If you are looking to date someone of Indian descent, you should be aware that there are a number of differences between American culture and Indian culture. Online dating sites that allow Americans and Indians to meet up and hook up are growing in number. It is important to know some of these differences in order to make use of online dating tips for finding an Indian date.

    In America, more and more people are using dating services and online sites to find a date, and it is becoming normal for the two to meet at a public location instead of the guy picking up the girl at her house. However, in Indian culture, females and males that do not know each other generally do not have any interactions with one another. When the couple dates, they already know each other because the date is arranged by their parents. Casual dating is less accepted. Around four out of five Indian marriages are arranged. In the arranged marriage situation, the couple may not date until their parents have arranged the marriage.

    By contrast, in America, it is not unusual for a guy or a girl to date several people at one time without making any commitments to any of the people they are currently seeing. Dating is seen as a social outlet as well as a way to eventually locate a mate to spend their lives with. Some people plan to never marry but instead want to stay single forever. Women can ask men out. In Indian culture, monogamy is normal with most couples, and many people date only one person for their entire life. U.S. men and women tend to be more promiscuous, and divorce rates are high. In India, promiscuity is taboo and sex is reserved for the institution of marriage.

    Because of these differences, Indian themed dating sites are more geared towards marriage than dating. In other words, one of the top online dating tips when considering online dating sites like this is simple. Unless you are serious about settling down, these sites may not be for you.

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    One of the best online dating tips of all time is this: don’t trust pictures. Sure, pictures are said to be worth 1000 words, but when people are trying to impress you and make you want to go out with them, they are going to use pictures that show them in their best light possible. This is not always an honest interpretation of the person. Some may even use a photo-shopped picture, or a picture that is so outdated that the person in their photo looks more like their daughter than the person that you will actually meet in person.

    If you take nothing else away from this post on not always believing what you see in pictures, then remember this: the worst picture in her portfolio is probably a better representation of her than the best picture. When dealing with the anonymity of cyber space, many people will hide behind their keyboard and make themselves look more attractive than they are. This is because we live in a world where looking good is more important than anything else. If you are shallow and looks is all that you’re after, then you have some real problems to begin with. Nonetheless, you don’t want to meet up with someone when you are expecting one thing and then get another.

    The pictures in a potential date’s profile can also help to back up what she is saying about her interests and her life. For example, if she says that she loves animals but there is not a single furry critter to be found in her 100 different pics online, she probably really doesn’t like animals at all. Some people just claim to be animal lovers in order to make themselves appear more approachable. Again, proceed with caution when dating online, and don’t put too much stock in anyone’s pictures.

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    Online dating has come a long way in recent years, but the best online dating tips ever is one that is the result of a precautionary tale: keep your psycho meter running. Sure, we’ve all heard the tales and seen the Lifetime original movies about meeting someone online who turns out to be a psycho. In these movies, the movie generally ends with the protagonist lying there in a pool of their own blood, knife through the heart, wishing he had read this article. So how can you keep your psycho meter running when meeting people online (or hey, just meeting people in general)?

    There are some definite red flags that the person you are talking to online might be an escaped lunatic from the Institute for the Criminally Insane.  Look for these signs that you need to run the other way, fast (and possibly change your identity if you’ve shared too much info):

    –          He/she messages and texts you constantly, or worse, calls you, constantly. There is a reason that safety experts warn us not to share our phone numbers and addresses with strangers, no matter how harmless they appear. Using either (address or phone number), the possible psycho can get either your address or phone number, find out where you live, and possibly drop by to say hello.

    –          They are planning your future together, after the first date. This is a bit awkward and scary.

    –          They get jealous of you talking to other people online. This is odd enough from a person who you are dating in the real world. In cyber space, it is just plain nuts.

    –          They ‘like’ all of your photos online and set their FaceBook relationship status to being in a relationship – with you. They also tag you in all of their photos, even the ones that they upload of their dog.

    –          They start asking you about wedding dresses, baby names, and so forth, before you have even met in person. They have a ten year plan, and you are part of it.

    –          They refer to themselves in the third person. For example, when you ask them how they are they say “Ed is doing good. He wants to come over”. Okay, so you already knew that this one was an indicator of craziness. We just threw it in to make you laugh!

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    Some guys like red heads. Some women love chubby guys. We all have our likes and dislikes and it is not unusual for men and women to prefer to date someone out of their own ethnicity. Many men, for example, are attracted to Asian women. In fact, some men will only date Asian women. For this reason, there are a number of popular Asian dating sites online where Asian women (and men) post their profiles in hopes of finding a potential date or even a potential mate.

    Attracting an Asian girl or guy may be easier than keeping them attracted to you. Their culture is a bit different from ours, and this can necessitate you changing your approach to dating when you meet an Asian woman. Once you get an Asian woman to consider you (by going out on a date with you), then you should keep these online dating tips in mind:

    –          Treat her like a queen. Open doors for her, pay for dinner, and scoot her chair in for her when dining.

    –          Always be respectful of Asian culture, and don’t refer to her as being an Asian person. She is a human like you, not a fantasy girl out of a porno film!

    –          Make decisions for her. She will look for you to lead the date. Don’t ask her to choose what you will do, tell her what you have planned. Of course, be nice about it.

    –          Don’t be late to pick her up. This is a major turn-off and pet peave of most women, including Asian women.

    –          Avoid taboo subjects or vulgarity.

    –          Get to know her, and ask questions about her that show you are interested. Don’t talk about yourself a lot, but answer questions if asked.

    –          End the night with a kiss on the hand or cheek. Kissing in public is a big no-no in Asian culture.

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    Online dating is the most popular way for meeting partner. With the easiness of the sites and huge amount of members they offer you can make new friends or find a date so simply. If you are new in this world you should be ready for its amazing experience. Dating online requires patience as well as skills, because keeping online relationship is the hardest task to accomplish. Few tips will be useful not to drown in the ocean of dating over Internet.
    • Figure out what exactly do you want from mate. Whether you are looking for religious person or somebody at certain location or with certain interests and hobbies, there must be a dating site centered on it.
    • After you have found the right site, make it work for you by creating impressive profile that has to show your best sides. Do not make it long- this short essay must say in brief what kind of person you are. Don’t forget to update your photos and keep your profile up-to-date.
    • Important thing after profile creating is to keep people with different objects away from it. Misleading aims of members might be a reason for conflict.
    • Start interacting. Do not be afraid or shy to show sincere interest.
    • Be yourself as much as possible, people always notice fake emotions and lying is the main reason for turn-off.

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    Rating Your Dating While Waiting for Mating is a book about how to make your relationships more fulfilling and right with God. This book is primarily aimed at young, single people who have questions concerning the contradictions between what they hear their pastors say on Sundays, and what they see and hear in the mainstream media the rest of the week. Ed Young presents a clear, simple way to have great relationships while still being pure in the eyes of God.

    All around us we see and hear messages advocating lifestyles that seem incongruous with scripture. It is subtly implied that in order to be happy, one must choose between a life of sexual freedom that we are taught only leads us to destruction, or to trap oneself in a relationship we do not want to be in. Ed Young says in Dating While Waiting for Mating that you do not have to make that choice. Relationships are the foundation of happiness. The quality of your relationships with your friends, with someone special, and with God determines is directly related to the quality of your life. This book explains how to maintain your relationships with God and with that special someone.

    Dating While Mating is very accessible for young adult readers. Often at this age, we find ourselves at a crossroads while we are single. With so much pressure to be sexually active and to “test drive” potential partners before we commit, Ed Young creates a manual to happy committed relationships that lead to lifelong happiness. Ed Young focuses on four critical dating issues facing young adults today: Moving from Fanciful Rhyme to Biblical Reason, Fixing the Flaws of Defective Dating, Reading and Heeding the Relational Warning Signs, and Maintaining Purity in the Midst of Passion. All of these chapters attempt to provide young single adults a pathway to the kind of healthy relationships everyone craves.

    The first chapter grounds the dangers of dating around in Scripture, and tells you how to date and still do right by God. The second chapter explains ways to steer clear of common dating mistakes. Heeding the relational warning signs shows the most common relationship problems and what to look for when dealing with them. The final chapter tells you how to handle that moment when passion seems to overwhelm you. This is a common problem for young singles today. When you find that special person in your life, how do you remain pure and maintain a healthy relationship?

    Ed Young writes honestly and clearly in this book. It is a genuine look at young adult relationships today in the digital age. Whether you are single or already in a committed relationship, this book will help you understand the basics of how to support yourself spiritually while maintaining healthy relationships for your whole life. Ed Young writes in a surprisingly candid tone that does not shy away from reality and advocates happiness as the end goal of any relationship. You can use it as a faithful guide to get you through the crossroads of your life. Too often we lost sight of what is truly important in our lives when we reach these critical crossroads. Dating While Waiting will help you navigate these times.

    Dating While Waiting is an easily accessible quick read for young adults trying to get through the single life. Ed Young does not mince words or waste time. His clear, concise style gives you the guidance you need without unneeded filler. Too many books similar to Dating While Waiting are wordy and seen as too preachy to reach a wide believing audience, but Ed Young’s book is a different guide that is aimed with uncommon frankness to the young generation.

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