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  • Bisexual Women Find Love Online With The Local Anonymity You Seek

    December 17th, 2012adminUncategorized

    Heterosexual people have been able to look for compatible lovers and romantic interests using the full range of social tools available since long before the online dating scene developed into the most popular forum for finding dates. The gay community was a far less mainstream demographic but also benefited from a more tightly-knit set of social organizations with a shared voice on issues of importance. Unfortunately bisexual individuals have been much more isolated – unable to fit fully in the mainstream heterosexual community or the more narrowly defined gay community. Finally, with the growth of online dating, Bisexual Women are able to browse freely at the profiles of anyone of interest regardless of gender and with the complete local anonymity to keep things private until they voluntarily choose to make their romantic interests more public.

    “We have surveyed our members and found that sexuality tends to be more of a sliding scale than a binary decision for most women” said Tara Zygler of “While our site is focused on helping women find other women for romance and more, that doesn’t mean every visitor is a ‘full time’ lesbian with no outside interests. Many of our members are bisexual women who enjoy the ability to meet new exciting people with more regard for the quality of the person than which gender they happen to have.”

    Thanks in large part to the robust interface options offered by premium bisexual dating sites, visitors can sift and sort through thousands of picture profiles in a fun and easy way. This also allows anyone interested in keeping their bisexual tendencies private to look beyond their own local area in search of same sex love interests who have no direct connection to their offline personal life presently. “Overcoming the anxiety that someone might ‘find out’ about you” is a key factor in joy and enthusiasm so many women share for online dating according to Ms. Zygler, and the recent acceptance of political hot button issues like gay marriage have only served to foster even greater excitement among bisexual women looking for love online. “It really is a great time to be a woman, bisexual or otherwise, because the online dating experience is evolving to the point where entire communities of wonderful women are there to help you find whoever you are looking for right now.


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