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    July 26th, 2012SusanUncategorized

    Is he into you at all?

    So you have been stocking up on online dating tips and you have met a guy that you really like. But is he really into you? Nothing is worse than finding out that a guy’s heart was not in “it” after you have already invested your heart strings in the relationship. But the truth is that the truth hurts, but as the old saying goes, the truth will set you FREE. Sometimes it is better to know the truth than to live in a make believe world, right?

    One sign that he may not be into you at all is that he tells you that he is not cut out for a relationship. Some women just see this as a guy who wants to play hard to get, but most usually, he is just being honest. Maybe he is not ready for a relationship. Maybe he is enjoying sowing his many wild oats. You cannot make someone be ready for love. It is too much work and the result is usually not as exciting as you might plan on.

    If your guy kisses you in private but does not want to be seen with you in public, it is a good sign that you are just another piece of “meat” to him. If he does not want other people to know that you are dating, then you really aren’t dating, for all intents and purposes. Maybe he sees you as a booty call. He will continue to use you as a booty call until you stop allowing him to. If he is not happy to be seen with you, get rid of him.

    Another sign that you may be just another notch on his belt is if he is only available after everyone else is asleep.  Settling for a prime time lover will never get you a wedding ring.

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    Is he in love with you?

    You have read all of the online dating tips. You met online. The rest seems to be romantic history. But is he truly in love with you? It can be hard to tell if a guy is really into you or not. He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he love me NOT!  How can a girl really tell if a guy is into her or not? There are a few telltale signs that he is ready to use the “L” word.

    First of all, if he treats you with respect, it is a good sign that he may be in love with you. Keep in mind that being respectful is just the way that some guys roll but if he is truly in love with you, he will care about you in a respectful way. He will care about your life’s details. He will treat you well and value your opinion, and he will celebrate your accomplishments. He will accommodate even the quirkiest habit you may have.  A guy who loves you will respect you enough to stock his fridge with diet Pepsi, even though he won’t touch the stuff himself.

    If he loves you, he’ll think of you often. And this will cause him to send you a text or two during the day. You will be on his mind a lot. He may just text you to say “Hey”, but at least he thought of you. This is a good sign that he cares.

    And finally, he will display affection in public. This may never be true for some guys. But a lot of guys will not touch your arm, hand, back, or anywhere else in public, let alone kiss you on the cheek or show other types of PDA.  But if he cares, he will eventually do this, assuming he is a guy who would touch a girl in public. Some guys will only touch you in private, and if you’re a touchy feely person, this may never suit you!  Nonetheless, touching your back or arm as you walk across the room is a type of gesture that tells the world that you are his.

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    Making yourself stand out in your profile has never been more crucial for online daters.

    The competition on online dating sites is fierce.  For this reason, it is important that members of any dating site make a profile that will really stand out. After all, with so many different options to choose from, potential mates are just as likely to not find you as they are to find you. It is important that you set yourself apart from the crowd to the best of your ability so that you can take advantage of all that online dating has to offer.  A top online dating tip: make a profile that is up to date and that puts you in the best light, without being deceptive.
    When building your profile on any online dating site, it is easy to see how people may get carried away and just put only those pictures that make them look the best, even if the pictures are outdated by several years. A better idea is to take a recent photograph and let the chips fall where they may. You don’t want to attract people based on what you used to look like, especially since you will be meeting them in person eventually!
    You must also strive to avoid negativity in your online profile.  As you can imagine, you will not attract as many people with any negative things in your profile, or you will attract that wrong kind of people.  It is said that negativity attracts negativity so avoid being negative by saying things like “I’ve been putting this off for a while now, but I’m not having any luck finding anyone in the real world”.  This is negative for a bunch of different reasons. First of all, it says that you find online dating a chore since you are putting it off.  It also says that you can’t find anyone, which makes it look like there is something wrong with you.  And last of all, it is negative because you talk about dating in the real world, which suggests that online dating, at least to you, is not really “real”.  The last thing that you want people looking at your profile to wonder is this: WHAT ARE THEY DOING HERE ANYWAY?

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    One online dating tip that can never be over emphasized enough is simple: try not to turn off your date!  You don’t get a second chance to make that first good impression, so it only makes sense that your first date is your best chance to make your date want to see you again.  So you have met online via an online dating service and now you are meeting in person.
    Don’t get intoxicated. That’s pretty much one of the biggest turn-offs ever.  It is easy to forget how  many drinks you have had when you are having fun (or worse, not having fun), but getting drunk is going to make you look like a loser.
    Don’t show attention to other people in a way that is disrespectful to your date. If you have a case of roaming eyes on your first date, you probably won’t be getting a second date.  Keep your eyes focused on the person you are with, not roaming all over the room or the dance floor.
    Avoid topics that may cause controversy.  For example, politics and religion.  Both of these can get people fired up.  Abortion is another.  Keep the conversation light and non-emotional.  Don’t share a lot about your feelings on deeper subjects.  Avoid talking about your ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends.  Nobody wants to know about them, ever.
    Don’t talk on your cell, or text.  This is just simply rude and shows that you are less attentive than you could be. Focus on what they have to say, not on the Facebook status that your friend just updated.
    Obey proper table manners. Avoid eating like you are famished, or poking around at your food like you are a sick cat. Both are turnoffs.
    Focus on being yourself and treating your date like you would like to be treated and you will do great!