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    June 27th, 2012SusanUncategorized

    Match.Com launches sharing games
    Online dating tip to remember: get to know someone before you meet face to face. It just makes sense. While online dating is a great way to meet new people and possibly find “the one”, it is still hard to get to know somebody when you first meet.  Meeting online makes it even harder to get to know people, since you are bound by the confines of the digital world.  Nonetheless, online dating is a bit more fun and getting to know someone a bit easier thanks to Match.Com’s new sharing games.  Beginning this summer, Match.Com members will be able to play easy and fun games that will allow them to determine whether or not they actually have the right chemistry with someone before they make a move forward.
    Of course, members do not have to play the games.  That’s their choice.  There will be seven games altogether that will last from one minute to five minutes and that are designed to create what Match.Com calls a shared experience while encouraging the members to interact via instant message.
    Games include “Best & Worst” which allows members to share their opinions on the best and worst all time movies, concerts and trips; “Food Critic” allows members to compare the places that they like to eat; “Name that Dance” has members guessing the names of dances based on videos; and “Romance Rip Off” is an interactive game where members concoct a romantic story together, the cheesier the better.
    With the advent of these new games, Match.Com has added a unique feature that continues to set them apart in the online dating niche.  This is just another way to make online dating more fun and interactive and to help bridge the gap when you are meeting people online.

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    June 20th, 2012SusanUncategorized

    Were we meant to be monogamous?
    That depends on who you ask! According to a blog post on Mingle2.Com’s blog, only 22 percent of the world’s societies practice monogamy.  That means that around 3/4ths of the societies in our world, right now, believe in polygamy, or at least in a man taking more than one wife.  Notably, the blog post goes on to point out that 97 percent of all mammals are polygamists.  That leaves just three percent of the mammals on earth going for just one mate and one mate only.
    I’m not sure about you, but I believe in true love. I believe that there is one person out there who is made for me, and one person out there made for you.  That’s not to say that those who practice polygamy in their cultures are wrong.  In my culture, however, marriage is a commitment that lasts a lifetime, and it is between two people who love one another.  It is the same for swans, magnificent birds that bond themselves to one another for life, being one another’s constant companion, often swimming neck-in-neck.  Angel fish form a lifelong bond, too, often swimming as a team to confuse predators.  Wolves are loyal to one another for life, and most wolf packs are made up of a single male and female, and their offspring.  These are just a few examples of animals other than humans that have the propensity to choose a mate and stick with them
    That being said, the Mingle2.Com blog is quick to point out that in monogamous relationships, around half of them end because of couples cheating on one another.  Many proponents of polygamy are quick to point out that if women could also choose multiple husbands that more people would be accepting of the practice. As it is now, with men being allowed multiple partners but not women, it would appear that the woman gets the short end of the stick, figuratively at least.
    Is polygamy right or wrong? The answer to that question lies with the individual.  As for me, I’m still seeking out my one true love that I know is out there waiting for me.  I won’t be waiting for him in a harem, that’s for sure!

    You Know How Much You Love Each Other

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    June 13th, 2012SusanUncategorized

    Do you trip over your tongue when talking to members of the opposite sex? That’s one of the biggest benefits of online dating – you get to talk with your keyboard initially, giving you more time to get comfortable with the other person before you meet.  But what should you say?

    Many people who are new to online dating look for online dating tips to help them make that first initial contact with potential mates.  First impressions count, and it only makes sense that people want to make a good first impression on their potential future Mrs. Or Mr. Right.

    The first rule of communicating with someone that you want to go out with is to show them that you are, in fact, literate.  Bad spelling, bad grammar, and writing in terms like “u” for “you” or “wat” for “what”, is too elementary for a serious would-be date.  An article on the OK Cupid (one of the biggest online dating sites) states that the top WORST words to use in an initial message are, in order of bad to worse – ur, r, u, ya, cant, hit, realy, luv, wat.  None of them are actually words.  But what they don’t say can really mean a lot.  “Ha ha” and “LOL”, are both okay.

    Be careful when you are initially contacting someone to not compliment them physically.  Words like sexy and beautiful are a bit strong.  Sure, people like to be complimented, but they sound a bit like a pickup like.

    The way that you greet the other party is also important.  The least appropriate ways to say hello (or at least the ones that get fewer positive responses in online dating forums) are the traditional “hi” and “hello” and “hey”.  An unusual greeting gets more responses, including “how’s it going”, or “howdy”, or “what’s up”.

    And a word to the wise, keep your religion under your hat unless of course, you don’t have one.  Mentioning God was a big no-no among OK Cupid chatters, although the word “atheist” seemed to get good responses. Who knew, huh?

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    June 5th, 2012SusanUncategorized

    Online dating tips abound, but this may well be one of the best.  Be positive.

    Let’s face it, nobody likes a whiner. And nobody wants to date a whiner.  That being said, why is it that some folks insist on putting a negative spin on their dating profiles.  Just like no one will hire the cleaning lady who won’t do windows, no one wants to take someone on a date who is putting off negative feelings. At least not anyone normal, that is!  Unless you are “emo” and looking for someone to share your dark thoughts, it is best that you keep negativity out of your online dating profile.

    Some people don’t even realize that they are being negative when they really are.  Take this real-world example of a guy on an online dating website, listing what he is “looking for”:

    Professional guy looking for an attractive, affectionate, sane and emancipated sexy woman.

    First off, it seems that this guy is mainly looking for someone who looks good.  After all, he mentions twice in just one sentence that his ideal mate would be attractive AND sexy.  Most women are put off by a guy who is so demanding of a sexy partner.  Is he trying to cover up his own lack of sex appeal by only dating sexy, attractive women? What about women who consider themselves pretty but not sexy? They may be too intimidated to respond.  And what about looking for someone who is “sane”?  Or “emancipated”?  Who would consider themselves insane, anyway?

    Negatives can also be more obvious.  For example, a person who insults their own looks, skills, intelligence…it happens in online profiles. And while some people jokingly call themselves a dumb blonde, it just makes other people wonder if they really are – dumb!

    Desperation is also a negative in an online profile.  No one wants to date a desperate person, like the guy who put this in his profile:

    If you are interested in meeting me, please let me know. I have contacts hundreds of women on here, and no one is interested in hooking up.  I’ve been turned down in every language, for many reasons.

    Sound like a guy you want to meet? No, it doesn’t, right? No one wants someone that no one else will consider. While many people may feel empathy for the guy, no one feels bad enough for him to send him a wink or strike up a relationship.  Some guys just don’t get it. The same is true of some women.

    Suffice it to say that staying positive and upbeat about your lack of a date is important, or better yet, don’t mention it at all.  Sometimes NOT airing one’s dirty laundry is important.