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    May 31st, 2012SusanUncategorized

    One of the best online dating tips that anyone will ever offer you is this: add personality to your online dating profile.  Looking through a sea of profiles on a dating site is akin to looking through a catalog of possibilities, and yet not knowing which item to order.  Without showcasing the best parts of your personality in your online dating profile, you are limiting yourself to being contacted by random people who are not sure what they “want”, and you are also portraying yourself as “average”.

    So how does one go about allowing their personality to show through when it comes to online dating?  The truth is that you need to do a self-assessment. Think about what your friends have always said draws them to you.  Is it your laughter? Your good looks? Your sense of humor? Highlight the good and suppress the bad.

    If you have a winning smile, now is the time to take a close-up photograph that really showcases your pearly whites.  If you are athletic, then list your favorite sports and make sure that your profile pic shows your muscles. And no, this is not a good time for you to Photoshop your profile picture.  You want to be sure that What You See is What You Get, right? You also want to make sure that what others see is also what they get. You would be surprised at the lengths that people will go to in order to get someone to like them.  Don’t really like dogs but know that chicks dig guys who do? When you finally score a date with a dog lover, she’ll be able to tell that you don’t like dogs when you finally get invited back to her place and are overwhelmed by her six chihuahuas.

    Above all, when highlighting the best parts of your personality, be truthful.  It is better to be 100% completely honest about who you are, what your goals and ideas are, and where you are heading in life than it is to fill your profile with what amounts to a heap of falsehoods.  People who like you will like you for the right reasons if you are honest about what those reasons can be and should be.

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    If you are a man in search of online dating tips, chances are good that you want tips on how to meet the right woman and how to treat her once you get her! There are three places that most men meet the woman of their dreams – in a bar or a club, via a social network, or via an online dating site, like Match.Com or OKCupid.Com.
    It can be a real gamble to find a woman that you can spend a lot of time with and possibly even settle down with, in a night club or bar. After all, there are many women and men in these places that are just looking for a “good time”. If you’re serious about finding a woman to have a relationship with, going with a dating service online is a good idea. These sites allow you to put in your interests and get matched with someone who is really compatible for you.
    Bars and clubs are notorious for the hookup and the one-night stand. This can make it hard for men and women to find someone for a long-term relationship. Single people meet to mingle in these places, but very few successful relationships being on the dance floor.
    Online dating is easy, simple, convenient and effective. Online dating is also an efficient way to arrange to have a date with women who seem to fit his tastes and that share his interests. Simply register on the site or sites that you like most, build an online profile complete with a recent photograph of yourself, and start putting out feelers for women who may be appropriate for you. Search by interest, age, and other criteria. Many sites offer the ability to use their site for free for a trial period, while others may ask for a nominal amount as a membership fee. Remember, this is money well-spent on finding long-lasting happiness.

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    One of the best online dating tips that anyone will ever offer you is simple. Diversify! Putting all of your “eggs in one basket” is never a good idea, even when you are looking for a dating site that allows you to hook up with a possible Mr. or Mrs. Right. Obviously, I’m a big fan of finding love online. I stumbled across a new online dating website that I think is just right for a number of people – DateMyFamily.Com. This dating site is billed as a family oriented site, and it is based on the fact that the most common way to meet a partner is by referrals from friends and family.
    This site combines the age-old wisdom of your sister, aunt, or grandma with the tools that have made online dating so much fun.

    Since around twenty-five percent of all relationships now start online, it only makes sense that a family oriented site like this would become popular. This site matches users based on their backgrounds, values and what they are looking for in a partner. The site plans to incorporate a family input feature that will allow the family to interact with the user and potential partners.
    Another big plus of this site: it is free. You gotta love a freebie. It’s free for everyone.

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    Online dating has come a long way since the days when it was seen as an act of desperation to build an online dating profile. Today, it is seen as a socially acceptable and even a socially applaudable way to find and make a date. Nearly anyone can provide an example of a friend or relative who had a successful hookup with someone that they met online.

    Make the Plunge

    Choose a site that a friend recommends or that you have read good reviews about. If you want to meet a wide assortment of people, think about joining a big, well-known website, like Match.Com. If you are looking for only a specific type of date, look for a site that caters to a specific need. For example, if you want to meet an Asian girl/guy, look for sites that specifically feature this ethnicity.

    Take a Recent Photograph

    Whether guy or gal, you need to have a recent photo posted on your online profile so that you can attract potential dates. Make sure that the picture is one that was taken in the last six months, or better yet, take one with your web cam.

    Make Contact

    Once you have registered for dating online, you can then read others’ profiles and send out some emails. Do not be vulgar to anyone, especially if you’ve just met, as this is a huge turn-off to both guys and gals.

    The next step is to arrange a date in person. Be sure that you meet in a safe place where there are other people. While online dating is safe, there is always a weirdo or two in the mix, so until you are comfortable with the people you meet, you should not be alone with them.